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Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean. – Ryunosuke Satoro, Japanese writer, poet
Why don’t we pair coffee with food in order to enhance the complex flavors of both?
In doing so, we could first smell and taste our coffee drinks with no food at all to identify their distinct texture, body and flavors. Then we could start investigating how well various different coffee beans pair with different excotic fruits, herbs, artisan dairy or nuts. Which food flavours are complementary to the identified flavors of our chosen coffee beans and visa versa? We can be curious adventures that are having fun, discovering and creating memorable experiences around coffee, which will open up a new world of flavors to us!

Various flavors of coffee and food complement each other in surprising and exciting ways. How does salty food transform a coffee’s acidity? Do we taste different flavor notes in coffee in combination with creamy cheese? We could pair the flavors of a crispy miniature lemon tart with the bright citrus acidity and the complex, smooth fruit and chocolate notes of a Costa Rican Tarrazu gourmet coffee. Perhaps we could pair the bold earthy and herbal flavour notes of Sumatran coffee beans with a creamy textured, nutty and decidedly spicy Belgian artisan goat cheese.

It’s common to pair a chosen meal with a matching bottle of fine wine. We order unique selections of snacks based the flavour profiles of our chosen wine. Since live-enjoyers are constantly searching for new sensory experiences, creative and inspiring chefs, bartenders or parfumeries invent unique and interesting taste, aroma and flavour pairings.

Calling all coffee-lovers and home-baristas: Why don’t we unleash our creativity and start pairing speciality coffee with artisan food?

Carta Coffee, in Kealakekua, Hawaii has an inspiring blog, which also suggests interesting Kona Coffee – Food Pairing ideas. Have a look and get inspired to create your own perfect flavour pairings :-):

Various flavours of the coffee and the food complement each other a surprising and exciting ways.

How does salty food transform a coffee’s acidity? Do we taste different flavor notes in the coffee in combination with creamy cheese?

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