What is the ‘best’ coffee-maker, Electric pour-over machines

What is the ‘best’ coffee-maker?  The best coffee maker – will always be You.
Even highly advanced coffee machines, will never be as good as you. Electric pour-over machines don’t have passion. If you love coffee and if you have some skills, you can always prepare better coffee.
Automatic pour over-makers provide several programing options, but during the preparation process it will be difficult to make adjustments. I don’t advice to purchase an automatic pour-over machine for your home. Busy coffee shops, could take advantage of such a machine, but there is no point in doing so for small family-run coffee shops or private households.
 From  my  experiences, personally I prefer use at home dripers base on Bottom flat filters (Kalita and similar). Reason is, because you have better control and also you can easier to use like for pour-over, same also for drip coffee.  Read more here:
Here are links for two various reviews:
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