The BAYAWE project started in 2016.

The main goal of this project is to organize workshops for “Home Baristas”.
I educate myself daily. And I am sharing my knowledge and skills via blogs,
images, vlogs and workshops.
I also design coffee equipment based on my ideas and experiences. 

I am a passionate Barista, Designer, Photographer and Traveler. I visit coffee shops to inspire and train. I have used run own coffee shop, but I have decided to pass it to friend and more focus about education and traveling. I am organizing coffee brewing and creative photography workshops. I am looking forward to share my skills and knowledge with you.


MOTTO:   Let’s enjoy life! Let’s be creative!

Please contact me for further information.

 Email: marakuba@gmail.com 
Mobile: On Request
Instagram: marakuba1
Skype: marek.kubinek
Twiter: @mara_kuba
VAT No.: On request
Business No.: On request

My travel experiences:

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