KAFE KARLIN, is small cafe close, or better written one tram stop from the central bus station. Open early morning, good place for take way coffee. Coffee made via drip or espresso is just normal nothing special.

Barry Higgel’s Coffehouse, nice coffee house in residential area of Prague, they often change coffee roaster, so you can find there some interesting beans.Quality of coffee is depend of person, who are preparing this. So, good luck.

Paralelní Polis, cafe place where they accept for payment only Bittorrent, so, internet currency, if you have not, you can not buy coffee. The coffee what was made with Barista was fine, but the drip was not nothing special. This time, when I was there, they used Bean up coffee, from Slovakia. The coffee from the roastery is quite good quality, so it was more on Barista.

DOUBLE B, cafe what is connect to Russan roastery, from Moscow. They have same coffee beans, but roasted in Prague. The cafe place is close to Museum. They use more lighter roasted coffee beans, as for drip coffee, same for espresso, I liked more there espresso, than drip or filter coffee.

ORIGINAL COFFEE,cafe place in the old town, close to Charles’s bridge, place looks nice, comfortable for relax in nice sunny day, very simple but interesting, service is very good, espresso either, drip made coffee is just normal, nothing special. They roast own coffee beans, which as well importing direct from farms.

MAMACOFFEE, nice place, they have a couple cafe places around Prague and some own roasted coffee beans. They offer breakfast and people who works there there are quite friendly. But both espresso and drip made coffee just normal, nothing extra nice.

YES CAFE, not bad place, close to city center, in nice residential location, nice place for work and enjoy coffee, the espresso is fine, the filter coffee they know describe, but not prepare. They use Bonanza beans from Berlin.

EMA cafe, one of the most central Artisan cafe place, but in my opinion, one of the worst, service very bad, not friendly at all, coffee, not idea what method they used I ask for drip coffee, but taste was more as very weak americano, not communication.No-commandeered.

MISTO CAFE, similar conception as “Muj salek kavy” cafe, but the coffee is not too good as at other cafe, even they use same beans.

MUJ SALEK KAVY, cafe, I can write, this only of a couple good places, where you can find very good coffee and very tasty foodd, not big selection, but everything is perfect. Maybe service is sometime to slow, but only small detail.


SCHALKHAZ CAFE, is I think only one cafe place in this bigger city, what is shame, where you can have good drip made coffee. They make drip coffee in the city on more places but usually is very low quality,so not point spend money for this. Maybe can be good in Halmi cafe, but when I was there there only prepare to sell drip coffee. Better to do at home and many locals, they do this. If go to center, they go for tea or beer, but not for coffee. If you will on the place ask for Barista Karol, I think he is doing the best there.

Caffé San Domenico, Dominikánske nám. 599/3, Košice, this place is very good for cakes, but served coffee is poor quality

Halmi Space Hlavna 21, they serve espresso and filter coffee, nice space, the qualty of coffee is depand of Barista

Zazza Mlynska street, bistro/cafe, aeropress, Hario V60 z Green plantation, espresso

Dobré Bistro – very good place for food, but in my opinion is prepared espresso to dark.

Kavy sveta, Hlavna 20, Kosice, very dark roasted coffee, not very tasty, but some coffee coctails are good,

DUBLIN CAFE this is second re-commanded place to visit, if you will in east part of Slovakia, they are more focus on whiskey and I thing drip coffee, they do not make, but espresso is nice and they many times, changing coffee roasters.

NIKA CAFE, I think in east part of Slovakia, is only three good coffee place, where you can taste drip coffee and some weak americano. This is one and with me the most re-commanded in this part of The World. Nice friendly personal, they know a lots about coffee.

MED DROP , Radlinskeho 24, nice cafe place middle of Bratislava, the filter and espresso coffe is very nice, the place is run with friendly couple.

BREWBAR Roznavska 1A, Fresh market, nice coffee shop on fresh market, the brew coffe is fine, nothing special, I found them quite unfriendly

MERCEK CAFE and chocolate bar, Zahradnicka 12, very good espresso and friendly owner



FILTER cafe located on bank of river. They serve espresso and brew coffee prepared from 3FE coffee beans. Small local coffee shop.


ALCHEMY AND BOOKS cafe, they prepare Drip and espresso, they use 3fe roaster…/

UNION GRIND ESPRESSO, There are many more some I tried, but in my opinion not good, so I ddi not write here, some only I will visit soon.


FUMBALLY CAFE, Fumbally lane, Dublin 8, quite cafe place with very interesting decoration, nice light perfect place for hanging when is rainny day, inside you can take a lots nice pictures. You can spend hours on this place, drinking coffee and eating food and you will not boring.

FIRST DRAFT COFFEE in Film institute (Filmbase) in Temple bar, 3 Curved street, it is really good choise for coffee. It is pity, they are open quit short from 10am – 5pm, made coffee with Melta dripper is very nice juicey. Personal is quite friendly and helpfull. They use Barn coffee roaster.

GRANTHAMS, 8 Aungier street, is near turistic location of Graftom street, Dublin 2, the cafe place is nice alternative to many coffee shop around, offering some common coffee beans. In the coffee shop you can buy some cakes, espresso base drinks, from guest coffee beans. Last time they had coffee from germany coffee roaster, Johannes Bayer. Front of store they have protected again rain banch for outside .

TWO FIFTY SQUARE MILE, Williams park, Rathmains road lower, a lots space, cafe is in big hall, nice decoration, very good light and service to the tables. Coffee made with aeropress was very good, from them roasted coffee beans.

LOVE SUPREME, 57 Manor street, Drip and espresso, prepared coffee is nice, the coffee is visited mainly with local people, but also with people who loves high quality speciallity coffee and good hot chocolate. This place has nice siting outside and is in location not far way from Jamson whiskery, on street with many small cool shops. They use local coffee roaster Roasted brown,

KAPH CAFE, 31 Duty street, I like the place, becouse is from morning on sunny spot and this time is ocupated with many people sitting, standing outside. They are using coffee beans fro Ireland the most famouse coffee roaster 3fe.

TWOBREW BOYS, 375 North Circular rd. probably at the moment top place for pourover coffee, the prepared coffee is high quality. I like this place for really good coffee and always they have some coffee beans mainly from coffee roasters from UK. The place is very often very busy and it is hard to find place for sitting.

NETWORK CAFE, 39 Aungier street, My favorite coffee shop for coffee lover in Dublin. Friendly personal, very good prepared coffee, like espresso base, same filter coffee. They often changing coffee beans, but many times they have for filter british coffee roaster Workshop. The barista are experinced and some of them they go often on some competitions.

LEGIT COFFEE, Meath street, Dublin 8, very nice cafe, with alots sitting space, not far way from the city center, staff very friendly. They have always different coffee beans when I i was there, they have used Bonanza coffee beans. The made coffee with Hario, was good.

URBANITY CAFE, 11 Coke lane, one of newer coffee shop with own coffee roaster, located direct in cafe, what is giving special atmosphere to this place. Them prepared coffee is fine, harder to compare with Two brew boys or Network cafe, but they getting better.

VICE CAFE, 54 Middle Abbey street, inside of Wigwam music club, nice coffee place, but inside very dark, the personal and coffee is good quality. This place is famouse for good coffee for very long time, this place used be run with 3fe coffee roaster, now they have new cafe. Cafe Vice use coffee beans from british coffee roaster Square mile and them prepared Macchiatto is very good.

FLUX Cafe Science Gallery, drip and espresso, they used Cloud picker roaster, The cafe is located in hall and it is not very comfortable, it looks quit cold.

3FE, 32 Grand Canal street, lower. One of the oldest specialty coffee place. They serve also various tips with of water with coffee.

COFFEE ANGEL, they have a couple brands, I prefer this closer to Trinity college, Coffee is fine, but I did not like service, not extra friendly.

PROPER ORDER CAFE, 7 Heymarket, Smitfild, nice it was on this place, it was quit bright and interior is cozy, but personal not extra professional and not very friendly.

INDIGO AND CLOTH 9 Essex St E, Temple Bar, Co. Dublin 2 good location, nice interior, good quality #coffee beans, but coffee prepared via #V60 under extracted and unfriendly staff



THE LITTLE RED FOX, probably in 2016 the best opinion for good coffee in this city. The espresso and hot chocolate they were fine.Good service, interesting place.

GELATO LAB. cafe, one of the worst optinion for good coffee in this city. Very expensive, coffee very bitter, burn after taste.Maybe for icecream.

SSODRIP CAFE, in Cambodia there not many good coffee places as in Thailand or Vietnam. Local people they have not money for this kind of products and foreign people they use this places more for as working spots. So, if you coffee lover, bring own coffee beans. Both espresso and drip coffee not too much tasty.



DALAT, not only this city, but on all places around Vietnam you can find many small coffee shops, where hanging locals, who are drinking coffee from early morning and chat. So, even the coffee is not always the best taste, this is great experience.

DALAT, LA VIET CAFE, the is only one realy good cafe place in this city, what is Middle of coffee region of Vietnam. Great coffee, nice place, friendly personal. They organize as well various workshops.

5+ HO CHI MIN, SHIN CAFE is small coffee place crowded city. Not very full, but with good coffee as drip or espresso coffee drink.

5+, HO CHI MIN, KLASIK COFFEE ROASTER, this is other of many good coffee places in the city. Again, there is not problem have some drip coffee or espresso, from local or abroad coffee beans

5+, Ho Chi Min, WORKSHOP CAFE this is really coolest place in the city. Gooed coffee, nice enviroment, atmosphere and friendly personal. They have same Vietnamese coffee beans as LaViet in Dalat, but much more expensive. Once they start to prepare your drip coffee, they offer you to look on the process at counter.

3+, HUE, T HOUSE cafe, not the best place for coffee, it is more style of Starbucks. Friendly peersonal, nice place to hang.Not for coffee lovers.…



3+, LUANG PRABANG, SAFRON CAFE, the cafe is run with french family and they roast own coffee, but kind of own style, this nice coffee they roast very dark.The espresso is fine, but you feel in taste burn stuff.

5+, VIENTANNE, SLURB SPECIALTY COFFEE PLACE, when I visited the place, it was new opened. The coffee was good and I hope, once I will back again it will much better. Still, I can re-command, the owner has nice passion for coffee.…/…

5+,  VIENTANNE, LA TRIO CAFE, the place is amazing, nice french style of cafe, where you can have coffee from espresso machine or as well some of alternative methods as Hario, Chemex….I think in Laos, I did not find better place for coffee.



3+, BANGKOK, KOKO DRIP cafe, place is located on weekend market. When I visited the place on January, the coffee was nice, when I was there again later, the coffee was not tasty at all, over extraction, very bitter, I could not finish. So you have to be lucky who is working there.

2+, THAILAND, BANGKOK, KUPPA COFFEE ROASTER, quite commercial, more remind me place as Starbucks, maybe for computer work nice, but over priced and I can write coffee bad.

3+, THAILAND, BANGKOK, CERESIA COFFEE ROASTER, this place was established with lady from Venezuela, they have cafe and roastery. But in my opinion the drip made coffee was not the best prepared, compare to other places in Bangkok. It was quite weak, not interesting flavors, not body.…/

3+, THAILAND, BANGKOK, CERESIA COFFEE ROASTER, this place was established with lady from Venezuela, they have cafe and roastery. But in my opinion the drip made coffee was not the best prepared, compare to other places in Bangkok. It was quite weak, not interesting flavors, not body.…/

5+, BANGKOK, FACTORY CAFE & BREW BAR, one of the coolest place in Bangkok. There I have my first coffee made from the Thai bean and the taste I remember until now.

4+, BANGKOK, OLD TOWN CAFE, more over rated cafe place, espresso, was nice, but nothing special.

5+, BANGKOK, GALLERY DRIP COFFEE, Very interesting place to visit, if tyou love coffee and art, on the place you can find both together. The coffee shop is running with passionate coffee lovers and photographers. Who they establish the place first as part of art exhibition in gallery. Still is running event the exhibition ended. 🙂 On the place do not look for cappuccino or espresso. They prepare only Drip made coffee.



3+, CHIANG MAI, ARTISIAN CAFE, other more commercial coffee place, not really for coffee lovers. More for people, who looking for working place with good internet connection. Drip coffee, simple, not very tasty, could bu much more better.

3+, PAI (THAILAND), CAFE DEL SOLE, roastery and coffee place, in the central Pai. They have two location, the have good coffee, but quite commercial and touristic place, not really for coffee lovers.

5+, CHIANG MAI, QAWHA ESTATE, espresso shot was very nice, same as describe in menu. friendly staff, only I did not like too much the place. Quite cold, nothing interesting to look.…/

4+, CHIANG MAI, COFFEE LAB cafe, ROASTER, nice place to visit, little bit out of city, but close to university, the Chemex coffee good, could be little bit better. The owner was very friendly. Interesting place.

1+poor, CHIANG MAI, RISTr8to cafe, the coffee place and roaster is quite famous on social networks, quite re-commanded with tour guiders. But, in my opinion is over rated, maybe they have not too bad coffee, but I have visited the place twice and the service there was terrible, the staff was quite arrogant and not friendly at all. Note re-commanded rather go to Starbucks, there is bad coffee but friendly staff.

5+, CHIANG MAI, 9-1 COFFEE SHOP, the coffee shop has very friendly atmosphere, nice interior, extra friendly staff, good tasty coffee and some selection of roasted beans to bay home.

3+, CHIANG MAI, MAO COFFEE, it is run with of local people, one big family from a mountains. Service, coffee fine, nothing special. Quite far from the city center, there is not point to travel so far.

5+, CHIANG MAI, FARM STORY HOUSE, the place is located in old town. If you like good food and nice coffee, go there. They offee also Air B&B type acomadation.

5+, CHIANG MAI, COTTON TREE CAFE&ROASTER, Hidden cafe in Chiang Mai, little bit out of city center, but worthed to visit. This is good place for reading, or to do some work on computer. The coffee and service was great. ,…/…

3+, CHIANG MAI, MA CHILI CAFE , this cafe use to be much better, when I have visited them first time. Last time I have feeling, they not too much passionated, as before. I think the prices are quite high for the quality of food, coffee and service. Still nice, but not worthed to visit. You do not find something interesting there.

5+, CHIANG MAI, AKHA AMA CAFE, they have two location in Chiang Mai, on both you can get, good Espresso base drink, Aeropress, or some drip coffee. Both I can re=command. The cafe is longer established in Chiang Mai and connected with Gallery Drip coffee in Bangkok. They have own roaster and as well coffee farm. So you can buy even for good price and quality coffee beans to home.

5+, CHIANG MAI< PONGANES COFFEE&ROASTERY, one of top place in Chiang Mai, famouse as locally, same with tourist. Same as Pacamara, very clean, everything in order, but I prefer sometime more places as Nowhere coffee or Mix Kaffe, what they have more domastic atmosphere and you have more time to chat with owner. But still for coffee lover I re-command the place. Last where I was there, they have amazing espresso blend OCEAN. So, if you have change try it.

5+, CHIANG MAI, PCAMARA CAFE, more famouse place of Chiang Mai. This more touristic, than other one, what I have review.Everything is clean and in perfect order. Espresso wa very interesting a sure I re-command the place.

5+, CHIANG MAI, KHAGEE CAFE, it is small coffee shop on the bank along river. They do mainly espresso, from own roasted blend and it is very tasty. This is other coffee place, what is not re-commanded as a couple other places, but definitely you must visit, if you love good coffee. ,

5+, CHIANG MAI, BULBUL BOOK CAFE, nice place to visit, you can have good coffee, with some breakfast with good book. The cafe is connected with library and it is more life afternoon, than before noon. Not far way from city center. Other hidden coffee place of Chiang Mai, what you supposed visit as coffee lover.

5+CHAING MAI, GRAPH CAFE, they two location in Chiang Mai, one is more tiny and offer mainly coffee, other is more for food. The espresso is very nice and definitely you should visit the place, if you are cooffee lovers. This place is more touristic than some other what I have visited., but still has nice and friendly environment.

5+, CHIANG MAI< TOONGS COFFEE ROASTER, other hidden place of Chiang Mai, what you should visit, if you are coffee lover. The place is on Suburb of Chiang Mai, approx 12km from the city center, so you should have bike, motorbike or be good walker:). The place is run with nice friendly couple, who they like cycling and coffee. They prepare drip, or espresso ba coffee from the own roasted coffee beans.Mainly from Thailand.

5+, CHIANG MAI, NOWHERE COFFEE BREWERS, Located on small street near old town. This is one one of many hidden coffee shop, which does not look from outside as something special, but inside you can find passionate barista and roaster, who his life all around coffee. He knows speak a lots about coffee and only this, he can prepare for you one of the best cup of coffee in Chiang Mai. So definitely you should taste Macchiato or some via filter made coffee. He is focusing only on speciality coffee beans and Thai high quality coffee beans.

5+, CHIANG MAI, MIX KAFFEE, place located on the side of Chiang Mai old town., at very busy street. But inside you will find funny and friendly guy, who giving to this place special atmosphere. This is place where you have big change to meet local coffee lovers and start some chat with them.  Specialty of the place is coffee made with Moka pot.So you will get small shot of coffee, which is very tasty, full body and many after taste.He is preparing via Moka pot mainly light and medium roast coffee.

5+, PAI, KHAOTHA CAFE, this is nice coffee shop, with small breakfast menu in Pai. Small touristic town, located middle of mountains near border with Myanmar. On this place you can say, you have coffee bean direct from farm to cup. The owner passionate will life photographers and coffee lover. Has good connection to the best coffee beans from farmer, good taste and he knows at the roasting process take maximum from each coffee beans. So, this can give on the end perfect cup of coffee. The place is ideal for coffee lovers. Definitely you should try as well the rum ball (pict.No.5).



5+, MALAYSIA, KUALA LUMPUR, CAFE AMO, many good coffee places in Kuala Lumpur are quite far from heart of the city, so you have to more travel, this one what you can find in China town. Espresso and service was fine.

5+, GEORGE TOWN, MALAYSIA, SPACEBAR COFFEE, one of the best coffee for good coffee and tasty breakfast in South East Asia.

4+, GEORGE TOWN, MALAYSIA, Constant Gardener Coffee, quite touristic, but still very good coffee place. It has little bit more colder atmosphere, there is harder to speak with Barista.Coffee way fine.

5+, GEORGE TOWN, MALAYSIA, ALLEY CAFE, nice tiny space, middle of Old town, run with passionated Barista. Nice Drip coffee and as well espresso was very interesting.



5+, PANAMA CITY, BAJAREQUE COFFEE HOUSE, they have a couple places at the moment around the city and own roastery and coffee farm. When I was there two years ago, I have at them cafe places in old town, one of the best espresso ever, since this time I have drunk a lots espresso from various coffee roasters, but this, I have still in my memory.…

5+, PNAMA, BOUQUETE, CAFE RUIZ, place to worth it to visit. They can prepare espresso or Chemex style coffee drink. Nice personal, next to coffee processing hall. You can get 3hrs. coffee tour to them farm. The best for me was coffee from Berlina plantation.

5+, PANAMA CITY, CASA SUCRE – COFFEE HOUSE, bigger cafe place in old town of Panama city, with good espresso shoot.

4+, PANAMA CITY, nice cafe place in old part of city, they serve espresso base drinks from more dark roasted coffee. But it is good.…

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